Tips to Stay Motivated

Tips to Stay Motivated

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  1. Have a program to follow! Having a structured plan to follow is important whether you’re a beginner on your fitness journey or an advanced athlete.
  2. Write down your goals! Start with a long term goal, then break it down and work backwards from there. Have quarterly goals, monthly goals, weekly goals, and daily goals.
  3. Have an accountability partner! Someone to do the program with you, or at least hold you accountable to it. Having someone “on your team” who is aware of your goals, will help you stay accountable. This could be through social media, a coach, friend, or family member.
  4. Measure your progress every 4 weeks. If you have goals such as losing weight or putting on muscle you can use things like progress photos (my personal favorite way to measure progress), the scale (don’t use this method if the scale “gets in your head”), and physical measurements. If you have performance based goals (Ex: lifting a certain amount of weight, or running a race in a certain amount of time) find a way to measure your progress with that goal. After you measure progress, you will know if you’re on the right track, or if you need to do something different.
  5. Have a few “go to” accounts on social media that you know will help inspire you to be the best YOU. Do not look at social media to compare yourself to anyone. If you find yourself doing that, then maybe this is not the best method for you. Instead maybe look back at things you have already accomplished that were once hard for you.
  6. Schedule in your workouts or training time like you would schedule in work or school. If you can consistently train at the same time each day that would be best as you will be more likely to stick with it!
  7. If you start to become bored with your program, it may be time to find a new routine! Anything “new” is always exciting and it may give you a new kick of motivation. Follow a program for 6-8 weeks. During that time take notes of how you feel, how much weight you’re lifting (or how fast you’re running), whatever makes sense for your goals. Measure your progress, then consider changing some things like reps, sets, and exercises. Small changes in your program will make big differences to you mentally.
  8. Set up a rewards program for yourself! An example of something you could do: each week that you follow your program, you get to put $5-$10 in a jar, whatever your budget will allow. After “x” amount of weeks, you get to cash that in for something like new training shoes, a polar activity monitor watch, a new hat, or anything that will get you motivated to get back in the gym!
  9. Give back! Sign up for a charity 5k, fundraiser run, or triathlon. It will make you feel good to help others and your mind will subconsciously relate that good feeling to fitness & activity.
  10. Keep a fitness journal. One of the coolest things is when I find my old fitness journals and get to look back on how far I’ve come! I wish I wrote more down when I first began. Do it for yourself, and revisit those journals often. Even if you’re just beginning, by week 4 you will see how far you’ve come!


I hope these tips help you on your journey to becoming your best self! Thank you for reading.


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