H20 and Your Health!

H20 and Your Health!

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H2O, it’s made up of two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen. This is better known as water, and it’s hands down one of the most important factors in survival and overall health. Yet, most of the time water and water consumption is often over looked when it comes to fitness and health. Water makes up two thirds of body weight and without it we wouldn’t make it more than a few days … so the bottom line is, YOU have to drink water.

Water is important in many different factors when talking about overall health. Water acts as a lubricant for digestion and almost all other processes within the body. For example, the water in our very own saliva helps us start the digestion process of our food.  Water also helps lubricate our cartilage and joints so we can move freely. Water also regulates our body temperature so we can sweat when we are enduring a Transformation by Angie workout.

Water also helps cleanse our bodies by flushing toxins and waste out so our bodies can run more efficiently. These waste products and toxins can build up over time if there is a regular occurrence of dehydration. Do you know one of the first signs of dehydration? Well, have you ever felt thirsty? Then you’ve experienced it. If you are thirsty, then you are already dehydrated! Water is vital for proper nutrient transport as well. You want to get the health benefits from all the healthy food you are putting into your body right? I know I don’t just eat my veggies for “fun!” I want my body to absorb the nutrients so they don’t go to waste (No macros left behind). Drinking adequate amounts of water daily will ensure the nutrient uptake. So how much water should you consume? I have heard all kinds of different estimates on what is recommended, what I typically recommend for all my clients is this:

Males: 3.5 – 4 L  per day

Females: 2.5 – 3.5 L per day

Obviously if you are engaging in any activity that causes you to sweat, then you should be consuming additional water to compensate for the extra fluid loss. I know for a lot of people this may seem like a TON of water, but its probably one of the easiest things we can do to help with fat loss.

Make it a point to drink water throughout the day, one of the best tips that I do to make sure I’m getting my water in is to spice it up a bit from time to time. With these hot days lately I enjoy squeezing half a lime in ice water with a couple drops of Coconut flavoured Stevia. I am telling you if you like lime and coconut this is a total game changer!! If you have a bad habit of drinking soda or diet sodas, try substituting that for Sparkling President’s Choice water. The berries of the woods is my favourite, very delicious. I love carbonation so this is a great solution for me. Some of the flavours they have are lemon lime, cherry, peach, just to name few. Make a decision today to take better care of your health, it all starts with a simple sip (or ten) of water!

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