Have you already ditched your New Year’s resolution?

Have you already ditched your New Year’s resolution?

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Have you already ditched your New Year’s resolution?

With the start of a new year, many people create resolutions and try to stick to them as much as they can. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to take much time for those to start slipping back into old habits. If you have found yourself already back into your old routine and want to get back on track with your new year resolution or goals here are a few tips.

#1 Why did you want to make changes in the first place? Re-examine your motives and your goals. As soon as I start getting into a slump and not following my meal plan or workouts I always look back and remind myself why I started this in this first place. The way I look at it is, the time is going to go by anyways so why not do what you set out to do so you have no regrets. I find the more I don’t do something such as go to the gym the more I don’t want to. The opposite applies to this as well the more I go the more I get into it and love the way it makes me feel, making me want to go back.

#2 Ask yourself what happened and what you were thinking when you slipped. In any situation we look at the root of the problem first. What were the obstacles in your way? Look at how you can remove them or what you can do differently next time. Sometimes in life if you are eliminating something, then you have to find a suitable replacement. If you are adding something to your life, then you have to make adjustments for it to fit into your schedule. For example, if you used junk food for comfort, stress, or boredom and want to start eating healthy, then you should find an activity to do to occupy your time rather than eating a bowl of ice cream. Having a plan in place will make it less likely for you to need that junk food to fill that void.

#3 Find a friend with the same goals as yourself and work together. Sometimes just having a friend keeping you accountable  is all you need. You will be less likely to not show up for a run if you have a friend that you are planning on meeting. Let’s face it sometimes its hard to get out and meet up with friends after work to go for a run, but at the same time you hate to be the one that cancels. So if you haven’t yet tried getting yourself an accountability partner, now is the time, and if you can’t find someone in your actual town, try looking in your virtual community. Even something as simple as a Facebook post asking friends how they are doing with their New Year’s resolutions can quickly lead to finding an online accountability buddy.

#4 Be mindful and kind to yourself and know that setbacks can be part of permanent change. Yelling at yourself and being generally unkind in your mind will never bring you the lasting results you want. The reality is we are all human and make mistakes and slip up from time to time. That is no reason to dwell on what we have done wrong and beat ourselves up about something we can no longer change now. So what? You fell off the wagon and completely went over on your meal plan last night and now feel absolutely defeated and decide to give up. Is that attitude going to bring you to your goals? Don’t give up. I know it’s easy to fall into the failure mindset at the first slip-up. But you know what? Things don’t always go to plan. Shit happens. Things aren’t going to be perfect. Get over it. The only real failure is when people give up and don’t try to learn anything from their experience.

Remember to stick it out. Every single day you have an opportunity to be your best self. Every day you have the ability to make choices and engage in behaviours that will bring you closer to your vision, regardless of what happened yesterday. Remember that motivation is what gets you started, but habit is what gets you there.

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